Module hotswap

Is it possible to switch the USB modules without shutting of the laptop or ejecting them? If not, what is the process for switching them out?

The reason for ejecting/unmounting/safely removing a module (really any USB mass storage device) is to detach the file system from the drive, completing all pending writes.

If the module is just used as a big file drawer with occasional purposeful writes and a lot more reads, you may get lucky and remove it when there’s no activity.

If you’re running off an OS written to the module this is impossible.

May I ask why you want to remove modules without ejecting them first? This is risky and may result in file damage. You do not have to shut off the laptop but you really should eject/unmount first.

I just want to know if you could

OK. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is not unique to Framework or to any OS in particular. And Framework’s storage modules are really just fast USB 3.2 drives in an unusual form factor, so any USB mass storage device would behave the same and require the same procedure.

Ok thanks!
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You could. Nothing is physically locking them in until power off.

Hi @Second_Coming
Physically they can be removed if they work well enough else a small crow bar would sure do the trick.

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:wink: Yes. I operate with sarcasm at times.

My point was: The OP didn’t specify the type of USB devices in question, nor what is considered as a successful hotswap criteria. LoL.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding but I think you are asking about the USB expansion cards not USB devices in general?

All expansion cards (HDMI, Display port, USB C and A etc.) are hot swappable. As mentioned above if you have a USB device like a hard drive or flash drive connected just like with any system you should unmount/safely remove to protect from data loss.


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If it’s a display module, please unplug the display cable before.

Can you elaborate on why?


Edit: I see no issues when hot swapping my HDMI expansion while cable is connected :man_shrugging:

That is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

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