Mokin Dock Issues

I have USB-C dock that seems to work intermittently with my Framework. I have it to connect HDMI, power and Ethernet. Windows usually will complain, saying “the previously plugged in USB-C device had an issue.” I don’t have an alternate windows machine to test it on. I have used it on my phone for Samsung Dex, and it works just fine with all of those peripherals.

Any suggestions?

What info might be useful?

Update: I installed a Realtek driver for the Ethernet adapter in the dock and that seems to help some. I’ve also noticed that plugging in power to the dock after it is being used for HDMI/eithernet helps it behave.

It might be related to Razer Core X Chroma eGPU

I see USB xHCI failing devices “sometimes”.

What batch was your laptop from. Also does it behave this way with the USB-C in all 4 positions?

Batch 2 (August. Performance model)
I haven’t noticed the behavior changing based on port. But I also have not tested all ports.

You may want to look at this then. I have a minor issue with my left rear one specifically and it is most likely this… Just have not gotten around to it.

Update: The dock being plugged into into power seems cause issues with the hub. This is inconsistent as noted but does appear to be apart of the issue.