More guides

Just in case anyone hasn’t noticed, there are now a lot more guides available here, including drivers for DIY Windows installation.


Nice! Personally I would like to see a guide on how to modify and compile the open-source EC firmware and flash it to the laptop. Maybe a simple example of remapping a key on the keyboard firmware as a starting-off point.

Is there perhaps a GitHub repo for the EC firmware Framework is using?

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We’ll be publishing a repo for it as soon as we have a little time to get there. It’s a busy couple of weeks!


@nrp Will the guide for the BIOS be available soon?

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Upvote for the DIY Linux Install Guide, specifically Fedora in my case. I’m not a complete Linux newb, but stuff like drivers not working, manually installing stuff from the terminal, etc. is somewhat new territory for me. Keep up the great work Framework Folk!

@gjason please see this post for now: