More keyboard layouts. Please :)

Is there any plans to release additional keyboard layout such as Hebrew? Might be also worth noting that the idea could be considered for the future Framework Marketplace.


Would a clear keyboard work? Ordering Clear Keyboard

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Might help but a full classic Hebrew keyboard is the better option ,)

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Bumping this. I would also buy an English + Hebrew keyboard if it was released.

I would really like it as well

I was seeing if I could buy one in Norway, but no Norwegian/Scandinavian layout is a real buzzkill =/

I would absolutely love a hebrew/english framework keyboard similar to the old Dell Latitude ones (found here-non-referral amazon link). I have searched and searched and even if I get the transparent keyboard there are no stickers in the world that would look and feel good and allow for the backlight to show through the english and hebrew characters. Help me Framework, you’re my only hope !

The problem is that as the laptop is not sold in Israel then there doesn’t seem to be much urgency to create keyboards for unsupported countries and their languages.

Say that though various languages are support before the country so there maybe some hope.

However this is a primarily a user forum so

  • Try contacting Framewrk officially : something like or
  • Add or request this post be moved to one of their official topics, which they will be notified of when there is an update to the topic.
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If you already jave the laptop you can find a shop that does laser engraving on keyboards. Here in Israel it costs $30-40.

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