Mouse Expansion Card

Just an idea but imagine this. A card that you take out of your laptop then it connects via Bluetooth and it has a little scroll wheel, left and right click, and laser for movement. Works like a regular mouse but the size of a expansion card.


Interesting idea. I think that the physical size of the card might be a limiting factor but you could probably get a left and right button on them at least.

The idea reminds me of those PCMCIA slot mice that were a thing way back.


or instead of a wheel have buttons that are configured as up and down.

that idea is so brilliant, it just made me register in the this forum and tell you: That idea is brilliant.


Wow, PCMCIA and Bluetooth seems like a combination of technologies that probably didn’t overlap for long.

Anyway, I’m not sure how good an actual mouse that size could be, but something like a Bluetooth presentation remote expansion card with next slide, prev slide, maybe another button or two (screen blank?), and a laser pointer would be very cool.


Using a gyroscope for the mouse would be useful, but probably will be a tough fit, if it is possible at all.
Would be a great POS to a lot of business people and companies.

how about using 2 cards and connecting them with each other ? One could hold the battery so it works for more then 20 minutes and it would make it more comfortable to hold and use

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