Mouse pointer turns white on white / disappears

I noticed that especially around text / textboxes when browsing the mouse pointer disappears, or rather turns white, the same as the background color so is not visible and I visually lose it. Searching around I read that this can be a vid driver issue and to turn hardware acceleration off in browsers. This does work, but I’m wondering if this is something AMD needs to update for the F16 video divers?

Edit: Windows 11, Chrome, Edge

You should include some information about your environment such as what operating system you’re using and what applications this behavior is seen on.

Disabling MPO (Multi-Plane Overlay) should resolve this issue. I personally had always encountered that issue on desktop RX 580 and RX 6600 XT and disabling MPO via registry tweak helped me to resolve the issue with mouse pointer going white + this reduced number of driver timeouts on windows 11.
Also, I’ve seen some reports for desktop Nvidia GPU’s so there might be an ongoing problem with Windows.

Disable & Enable MPO via the Windows Registry (

Disabling Multi-Plane Overlay (MPO) fixed all desktop flickering/stuttering on my 6900XT : r/Amd (

While this does appear to work, I’ve not found very good information on what other impacts disabling MPO might have that may impact me in different use cases. There are all sorts of answers about this, but nothing very clear. I get the sense it is nuanced/complex or does not readily translate to an easy/broad answer, or that answer would depend on very specific circumstances. Anyway, I’ve disabled this for now. Thank you.