Multi-monitor Display Resolution Table for FW16?

These resources are incredibly helpful for those of us on multi-monitor setups. Is there one available for the FW16? This will determine if I keep or cancel my pre-order.

I haven’t found one and the only resource I’ve seen are these rudimentary specs from AMD (for the 7840hs)

For reference, here is an example of one from another OEM


What’s the concern?

The previous gen AMD 680M iGPU in my work ThinkPad does:
USB-C supports up to 4K@60Hz (4 displays output), 5K@60Hz (3 displays output) or 5K@120Hz (up to 2 displays output)

It’s not going to be any worse than that…

concern around bandwidth bottleneck for my monitor setup.

I currently have one which means two monitors (of my triple monitor setup) run at half their rated output (eg. 30 instead of 60 AND 60 instead of 144hz).

Thanks for the detail about your 680m, my setup should work in full based on what you’ve shared.

UHBR10 should almost definitely prevent any issues…though official confirmation would be really nice to have.

Finding a dock that does UHBR10, the MST hub is a lot more likely to be the limitation that the host at the moment.

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