MUX Switch?

Hey, I just bought the Framework Laptop 16, and I was wondering with the dGPU:

  1. Which ports go directly to the dGPU?
  2. Does the main screen have a MUX switch?

The GPU expansion bay itself has a USB-C that supports DP alt mode, so I expect that one would be direct and all the other ports go through the iGPU

Huh. That’s a good point. I won’t get any of the video-specific expansion slots, there’s no point in having something that operates off of the iGPU when I have the dGPU right there.

I’m obviously not 100% on the architecture but when there’s a dGPU installed the system should route it through the iGPU to the side ports. I’d just expect a slight perf drop from not being directly connected, but you’d still be getting the dGPU’s video out.

Yes, the Expansion Cards are routed to the CPU/iGPU. The internal display has a mux to be able to be driven by other the iGPU or the dGPU. The dGPU has a dedicated USB-C video output.


Oh thank goodness. I was hoping that would be the case.

So is that USB-C port on the back of the expansion card just for display out via the dGPU?

What other USB features does the rear USB-C port offer? Does it only support DP tunneling/alt mode?

I don’t think it’s possible for a USB port to only have alt-modes, so I’d expect it to do USB 3.2 of some sort as well. The type-c on my 2070 acts as a normal USB port outside of providing display out.

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The dGPU has USB-C passthrough in the connector format for the expansion slots from what I’ve looked at, so it should also function as a regular USB-C

I’m curious though, can that USB-C also be used for the power adapter in a case where I need to use 6 non-USB-C expansion modules? (I’ll likely use 3 audio outs for surround sound) I imagine that it could from my basic knowledge of what the connector format had on it, but just curious.

The USB-C port on the Graphics Module supports DisplayPort Alt Mode along with basic USB 2.0 functionality. The intent of it is to basically be a physically small DisplayPort output connected directly to the GPU.


Okay, thank you for the information.

So it doesn’t support USB PD?