My computer has started showing that the PC isn't charging with the stock cable and brick

After updating to 3.10 BIOS (Windows 10), I started randomly getting this message. It’s the stock brick and cable that came with the laptop. There are no signs of damage or anything to the cable.

Does this occur on all USB-C ports?

It’s happened so far on the right side is usbc yes. I will try the left.

If that doesn’t work maybe try reinstalling the BIOS update… I’m not to sure, but this sounds like an EC USB-PD problem? Hard to say.

It appears to just happen on the right side.

Just submitted a ticket. My entire right side just stopped working.

I’ve troubleshot until determining it’s an expansion card for a specific direction with pressure a certain way.

Made a YouTube video to show for anyone who sees this thread in the future.