My corsair headset is glitching on this Laptop

So I have the new Framework 16 laptop, running Windows 11.
Since getting the laptop, I’ve had many issues with trying to use the headset. About 15% of the time it will work perfectly. I started out by plugging it into one of my left USB ports, and it would cause my windows to freeze/glitch/buffer as soon as the headset’s usb was plugged it. I later moved to using the ports on the right side and it was working fine for a while, but now I’m encounering the same issues again. I’ll plug in the headset (Be talking on Discord, it’ll work for several minutes, then it’ll stop picking up my voice, so when I try to adjust settings to find out why, all windows start to glitch, Discord wont connect to calls, videos buffer infinitely, browser loads infinitely, etc. And even after unplugging the headset these issue will persist until I restart. What is the problem??? Is it something to do with laptop configuration? Gltichy ports? Is it the headset? The USB stick for the headset?

Hey, I’m in the same boat, but with a SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless. Randomly discord stops picking up mic audio and in event viewer i can see that the Windows Audio service crashes. For me it only happens when playing League of Legends, weirdly. Also I can use the onboard mic and speaker if I unplug my headset, but as soon as I plug it back in, stuff breaks again. I’ve tried with both slot 5 and 6 with the USB-C expansion card and a short C-to-C cable, both slots cause issues.

I’ve moved some stuff around and going to try with the headset connected to slot 1, which is USB-4, unlike slots 5 and 6, and will report back.