My laptop does not boot

My device shut down after power cable plugged in. Then, my device cannot be turn on but the power button still light on for moments. Then, I remove the battery and put it back. Now, the fan is on but it still not boot. I do not even see the framework logo page.
My device is with windows 11 and 11th gen core i7. I use a anker charger.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Have you had the laptop not connected to power for a week or more?

There is an issue with the CMOS/RTC battery [ML1220] discharging quicker that expected as it is not charged from the internal battery.

This can cause a ‘blip’ in the CPU and the option then is to do a mainboard reset.

If this happens more frequently it means your use, powered on, is not frequent enough to keep the Ml1220 healthy and you may soon want to replace it.

Lots of info at

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There’s a good chance you could be having issues with the CMOS battery, but I would also recommend reaching out to support if you haven’t already as they can also help you diagnose your issue!

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