Need help with my order


I am the buyer of the order with the order number [REDACTED BY MODS] and the tracking number [REDACTED BY MODS]. I apologize for my negligence, as I mistakenly provided an incorrect shipping address on the order, which has resulted in the inability to deliver the item. To prevent the package from being returned to the sender, I have already requested it to be held at the FedEx service station through the FedEx website.

Recently, I contacted FedEx customer service via phone to request a modification of the delivery address. I was informed that I need to provide relevant information from the sender. Therefore, I would like to ask the staff at Framework if it is possible to provide me with the necessary information of the sender in Taiwan. Alternatively, I would greatly appreciate it if you could assist me in contacting FedEx to request a modification of the delivery address.

I look forward to your prompt response. You can reach me via email at [REDACTED].

Thank you and best regards.

Please contact customer support asap. This is the community support forum. We cannot help you with your order or fedex.

I have also removed your email address, as there is no need to make that public here. Share that with Framework directly. All the best to you and welcome to the Framework family!

Iā€™m going to lock this thread, but for your information I have forwarded this thread to Framework staff via the moderation channels. Please still reach out to them directly!

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