New board not booting

That’s my best guess too, although given how delivery drivers treat packages it kinda puts the whole business model into question. I once saw a dude in Washington, DC just throwing, literally throwing, packages out the back of his UPS truck and then stack them up on his dolly like they were bales of hay.

And almost a week to the day I got my order for the new board confirmed, i got shipping information. Board got shipped today from the Netherlands, not TW. Let’s hope it makes it here in working condition. Being shipped by FedEx, but the return of the broken board will be done by UPS. Gotta save where you can.

Thank you for keeping us updated. I’m going through something similar right now with support. You are giving me hope that I will get this resolved. I’m going on day 4 of troubleshooting with them!

Hope you’ll get it figured out and fixed.

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Welp. My story didn’t have a happy resolution.

Sorry to hear that my dude. I’m glad I didn’t skimp and bought the RAM directly from them.
In any event my story had a happier ending. Got a replacement board today, installed it with no problems, booted first time around. Extended mem test on boot shows everything is peachy, was able to boot into Arch install and spam the NVME disk with randoms bytes.
All in all, disappointed it didn’t work on first try, but best customer support experience I ever had. Hope they stay on this good course it was just asymptoticaly bad luck on my end.


Great to hear!

Yeah, I’m bummed that a standard sodimm kit didn’t work. Of course, I understand that the DIY part means some risk, and I’m ok with that. Not thrilled - but I’ve had plenty of people help me by being early adopters and figuring things out, I just hope I can help head someone else off from making the same mistake with that memory - or, better, that maybe FW will be able to figure out a firmware fix or something for better general compatibility.

And, of course, I can still use mine with one module until I can get replacement memory, so it’s not been the worst experience :slight_smile: