New DIY Framework not regestering trackpad gestures


I’ve recently purchased a 12th gen i7 DIY laptop, and after installing all components and windows 10, The only issue I’m having is that trackpad gestures won’t work (cannot scroll, and cannot right-click).

What I have tried so far:

  • I have installed the framework driver bundle.
  • I have double-checked the hardware connectors on both the main board and on the trackpad
  • I have checked through windows’ device manager to see if there are any errors and warnings, and there arr none.

I’ve read that a BIOS update would probably solve this issue, however, when I try and run the bios update executable, I receive the error:

" This platform does not support IHISI interface ".

Hopefully Im just being dumb and doing the BIOS update wrong, so any insights or fixes would be greatly appreciated.


The 12th gen is only compatible with Windows 11. Windows 10 may run on it, but you’ll lose certain things. The drivers aren’t quite right so peripherals might not operate or might run strangely.

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i have updated to windows 11, and reinstalled all drivers but am having the exact same issues.

Regarding BIOS update: You downloaded the BIOS update for the 11th gen. Should download the one for 12th gen instead (if there’s one).

See this (and a few posts up):

Make sure your driver bundle is for the 12th gen as well.


Oh my goodness, i cant believe i missed that, thank you!, I will try that now

A few others 12th gen users ran into this mix up. The current 11th gen driver bundle should be pulled / removed, and replaced with a bundle that checks for mainboard version / model, and give meaningful error messages. The 2021 Dec driver bundle for the 11th gen doesn’t currently have mainboard / model version checking.