Newbie with question

Hi all, im new ro framework and really computers in general. Im an autoshop teacher so i understand how they work, electronics, CAN, and digital communications.

I am not terribly familiar with the interface of a PC. Dont get me wrong I’m familiar with MS suit but it doesn’t go much past that. I figured a framework laptop would be a good way to get more into computers.

I do have a super nubie question. My son uses my Microsoft account for his gaming. When i logged in to Microsoft on my new laptop it automatically downloaded all of his game files to my computer. Im considering wiping the laptop to factory settings and starting over with a new Microsoft account but thought id ask advice her.


Hello Janos, welcome to the Framework community!

Imho, the first question you should ask yourself is, if there is really no better way to achieve whatever you’re trying to do beside a Microsoft account.
For all I know, those mainly exist to spy on user activities.

Since you haven’t mentioned your purpose, the best advice I can give you, is to look for alternatives at

Best regards

Part of the problem here is i have no idea what im doing. I’ll be using the laptop for word, excel, video editing and programming electric vehicles.

I only signed into the Microsoft account because i was prompted to during initial start up.

While I am usually one to recommend using Linux over Windows, it is obvious that you will be using specific tools to interface with these cars and will be utilizing Microsoft tools like Word and Excel for work. I would instead recommend installing Windows without a Microsoft account. It is a bit tricky these days, but here is a guide on how to do that when installing Windows 11:

Guys… the dude just wants his new pc not to be filled with his son’s games. I hate tracking myself, but many people just don’t care enough to jump through hoops.

I can’t help there, since I’m not a Windows user. Don’t know Windows 11 well enough to say if there is a quick and easy way to remove the son’s Microsoft account and be rid of the games at the same time, might have uninstall each one-by-one. Or alternately, if it’s just easier to wipe everything and start anew.


Which is exactly why I mentiond Windows without an account. Would not have to worry about the games installing and would still have all the software he needs.

Surely there is an option at install-time to create a new account for himself.

@MJ1 I’m thinking wiping and starting over is going to be the quickest and easiest. I haven’t done anything else on it. It does give the option to start a new account. I might look into the accountless situation but you pretty much hit the nail on the head. I just want it to work and not have a metric F ton of minecraft files lol.

I believe that if you do not connect to the internet when setting it up, you can create a local account rather than one linked to Microsoft, if that matters to you.

Also, welcome, I hope that you enjoy your machine. My opinion is that this community is a great one. I have learned a lot here. Have a great day!