Next gen CPU's available?

I know the 12th gen Intel processors for mobile haven’t been released and won’t until maybe later this year, but I was wondering how long it would take for them to come and take for them to be available as options on the framework laptops? Thoughts?

I think that everyone is just waiting for AMD CPU’s and not worried about future Intel 12th Gen CPU’s.

Look I get that Intel has been a huge joke in the past compared to AMD when Ryzen came along, but I actually want to see Intel get their shit together and make actually decent processors without slimy business practices. No one should put so much blind faith in one CPU company for an extended period of time, even if Ryzen is objectively better than Intel at the moment. The reason why it’s easier to get Intel chips vs. Ryzen is because AMD is still increasing its marker share in the laptop space.

So yes, I will “bite the bullet” as you mentioned in another thread so that I can actually see this company succeed and maybe more established manufacturers can finallt wake up and make modular AMD laptops for you instead

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If you are waiting for this; you will never see it. Intel has ONLY ever practiced slimy business tactics. This is how the whole world was stuck on quad cores for years.
Intel has a 40 year history of paying off companies to not use competitors, blocking competition, stifling innovation, and the list goes on.
With that being said; I have a bunch of Intel machines that I have acquired through various means over the years. Since AMD now has a better product though; I specifically try to stay away from Intel.
This company has a cool design, however if they cannot release an AMD laptop then the whole companies existence is pointless. The ability to replace various computer components isn’t a new concept; laptops from companies like Acer, Lenovo, HP and others are upgradable in a similar manner. The ONLY differentiating factor with this company is the modular port selection.
Locking people into non-competitive Intel chips makes this entire laptop non-competitive… Sure I can “upgrade the ram” and “upgrade the storage” (although there is only 1 NVMe, so it is actually less upgradable vs something like a Acer Nitro, Dell G5, Eluktronics Max15, etc As those have additional drive bays, memory upgrades, batteries that can be swapped, etc.

The cool concept of this company is the ability to possibly swap the mainboard in the future and possibly change other components. However investing in an already-inferior platform in the hopes of upgrading it to a good platform in the future is a big ask.
Since fixing keyboards, trackpads, screens, etc are all things that can be done on most laptops (I understand not all) but repair shops can fix almost everything these days.

All in all I would buy one of these with ARM, RISC5, MIPS or AMD. I won’t buy it with Intel to advance their anti-competitive tactics, since the very essence of that company is against the philosophy of Framework.

Fair points. Here’s hoping to future CPU options from Framework nonetheless

Don’t hold your breath. The issue (as it always has been) for AMD CPUs is availability. It’s difficult enough for the big OEMs like Lenovo and HP to obtain enough AMD silicon to meet demand, let alone a startup like Framework. The fact of the matter is that Intel (through evil business practices or otherwise) has the parts available for integration. I would love an AMD 5000U Framework motherboard variant but I’m fully expecting this to be a long-shot.