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I have been using my laptop for about a week now and today I swapped out the RAM to do some speed testing and comparisons but when I put the original set back in, it performed the best, I am getting no display output. I plugged in an external monitor using the HDMI expansion card which had worked earlier in testing but now nothing on the laptop display or the monitor. I don’t get the framework post-screen and am unable to get to/see BIOS. I have disconnected the battery and CMOS battery plugged them back in but nothing. I unplugged and plugged back in the display cable to the mainboard but also nothing. I am at a loss of what else to test. The light around the power button does light up when I try to power on and if I remove the keyboard while powered on I get the two side LEDs to flash red from the case detection switch but nothing on the displays.

Since posting this I turned the laptop back on and just let it sit powered on and after about 15 minutes the Framework splash screen came up and it went to OS. I am not sure if it was performing some kind of memory check/test, but at least things are working again. I just wanted to give an update for anyone else like me who likes to test hardware and can be a little too impatient.

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Take a look at:
If the side LEDs are green during the initial boot then the system is doing memory training. Which will happen any time after you swap the memory modules.
I have not heard of this taking more than about 1-2 minutes before however…


Thank you, I was expecting this and was surprised when I did the first swap that the laptop came back up as fast as it did. I have also never heard of memory training taking as long as it did but weird things happen sometimes. I am just glad that I let it sit on while I was looking at other things that could be causing the issue.

Hi Kieran, I’m having this issue as well as my laptop just arrived yesterday (and no OS, so this is my first time installing with this set of RAM), but taking 15 minutes now and counting, so I suspect bad RAM or just that I might’ve interrupted it by closing the lid.

When you say side LEDs are green during the initial boot? Is the LED meant to be green for the whole memory training or just when it turn on? My side LEDs went green for a split second but then went back to charging orange, so just wanted to check if that’s normal or if I should buy new RAM.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Could you try out one stick of memory at a time, and try one of the memory sockets at a time? We have seen a few reports of bad memory modules recently.

Hi Nirav, I had another go this morning but with the laptop unplugged. Side LED sequence indicate bad ram and I got the laptop up and running by using only the OK RAM-stick. Must have missed the sequence when the laptop was plugged as it shows the charging light instead :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks for the help!

I’m having this issue with my framework 12th hen DIY. Everything went smoothly but I went to power on and nothing. The side LED is a solid orange the entire time, was never green, power button is glowing but no backlight or anything in the screen at all. Help would be appreciated super excited to get up and running

Nvm: literally switched the Ram and Tada we are booted