No response from support ticket

I submitted a ticket for the screen on my framework 13 getting a vertical black bar on april 29th. After exchanging some pictures with support they reached the conclusion that I would be getting a replacement for the screen and that I would be getting contacted by support later. A number of days have passed now since last contact from support and I haven’t received anything further which is causing me some worry. I’ve already send a follow up email but haven’t received anything back.

In a previous ticket I had regarding my input cover I received a follow-up email with shipping information on the same day as the “We are escalating your ticket for replacement etc” message so I’m not sure why this ticket would be different in that regard.

What would be the best course of action here? I’d be lying if I said that the broken screen wasn’t affecting me in a significant way and I’m getting a bit anxious as every day passes without any contact from support.


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Hey there, our part replacement team usually replies back in a few days, I’ll check what happened on our end, thanks for letting us know!

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I have now received the follow up email, I’m very grateful for your assistance