Noise cancelling headset recommendations

Not directly related to Framework, but I assume that many people here work in open offices and are using noise cancelling headsets.

What noise cancelling headset can you recommend?

I am currently using the Sony WH-1000XM3 and am not super happy with it. The noise cancelling is good, but I never wear it for long because my ears get too hot after a while. I also find it uncomfortable to wear in general, probably because of its weight.

I loved my old Bose QC 25 (they were much lighter) and I am thinking of buying them again. But their noise cancelling wasn’t as good as the Sony’s.

Is there something that combines lightness and good noise cancelling?

Thanks in advance!

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I am NOT affiliated with this site, but I did find it useful for selecting earphones (settled on an Anker A2).

They test extensively and everything’s on an equal test methodology. If you poke around you can compare and sort every aspect according to your chosen criteria.

I’m using Bose QC25 and they work great. I have to replace the ear cups and I use rechargeable batteries.

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Onto the WH-1000XM5 bandwagon recently. So far so good.

Originally had the WH-1000XM2.

On the wireless earbuds side, using the WF-1000XM4 when I need to go light…e.g. jogging.

Looking at the specs, there’s a 54-55g difference between the XM5 and the QC25. Whether you can feel the difference might come down to your head shape and/or hair style (headband contact surface area).

For comparison, the AirPods Max is at 384.8 grams…but it has a really wide headband.

I have both the Sony WH-1000XM4 & WH-1000XM5. I had the same issue of my ears getting hot with the XM4 but I haven’t had that same issue with the XM5.
Noise-canceling is great with both, but the XM5 seems a bit better for high-pitch loud environments.
The XM5s are super light so I have no problem moving around with them and they are less bothersome when laying in bed too.
I also have the WF-1000XM4 and they are great, only thing I had to change was the ear tips (I couldn’t deal with the foam tips)


Have you considered other form factors? For example, I had a pair of Anker Soundcore Spirit Pros in ear BT that were somewhere around an NRR 12-15 in passive noise isolation. With the right ear seals, they did quite well at blocking voices and higher frequency noises typical in an office. They weren’t too bad for deeper frequency environments like aircraft cabin noise either, even in a crappy Embraer 135. Definitely not as magically quiet as my XM3s, but way better when I needed more movement or out in the heat. I finally broke my second pair of Soundcore Pros after almost 4 years of daily drivering. However, I can’t find them on sale anymore, which is quite a shame.

The WF suggestion above is a good one in my opinion. I didn’t end up buying them myself but was pretty impressed when I demoed them right after they came out.

With me being a bit crazy with headphones and IEMs…I sometimes (when I was still flying) wear the WH-1000XM2 over a wired pair of Andromeda or SE846. (Let’s face it, the audio clarity isn’t great from most wireless headphones)

Thanks for all the suggestions! I think will try out the XM5 as well as some in-ear products. If none of those make me happy, then I guess it’s time to go back to the good old QC25 :slight_smile:

Aren’t they already discontinued…back in 2019?

Current line up from Bose are the 700, 700 UC and the QC45.

Yep, I am thinking of buying them used. But I’ll try the newer models first.

If anyone is in Canada, the Bose QC45 (black) are on sale at $289 CAD from Amazon and Walmart: