Notebooks for Small Offices

I am responsible for IT in a small office and like many others WHO and remote work has become more important. Now we want to partially replace our desktop PCs with notebooks and Framework is of course interesting for that.

How do you see the chances and risks to alternatives like Dell, HP, etc?

For me, being able to upgrade notebooks and swap modules with each other definitely sounds good. Short delivery times and good support would definitely be critical. We need a lot of computing power, but we can outsource more and more to the server. Nevertheless, we have always had dedicated graphics cards in all devices so far. However, upgradable RAM and other components might already compensate for this disadvantage.

@Framework Team: Do you already have special offers for companies planned? For example, packages with several notebooks?

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We don’t currently have volume purchasing set up (pre-orders are limited to 1 unit), but we do want to support businesses as we scale up production. You can reach out to in the meantime for larger orders.

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