Notes on Framework Laptop DIY Edition Quick Start Guide

Step 1 Remove the Framework Laptop from the box

I couldn’t tell if there was anything in the packing material under the laptop (the cardboard is lightly glued together), and I ended up pulling it apart to be sure that I wasn’t missing anything important.

Step 4 Remove the Input Cover

The fastener on the bottom left (circled in orange) will not unscrew as far as the others, as it is acting as a lifter for the cover.

This screw clicked when I continued to turn it after it was fully unscrewed, which was helpful to tell when I had unscrewed it far enough.

Suggestion: if this clicking is standard, mentioning it in the guide will help people know when they’ve unscrewed the screw enough.

Step 5 Install the Storage

At first I thought I was going to need three hands: one to hold down the storage module, one to hold the screw, and a third to fasten with the screwdriver :upside_down_face:

Then I discovered that the screwdriver is slight magnetic :tada:, which made the process much easier because I only needed two hands :slightly_smiling_face:

Suggestion: mention that the screwdriver is magnetic, enough to lightly hold the screw on the tip of the screwdriver.

Step 6 Install the Memory

I found that one of my memory modules inserted with the sticker side up (as shown in the photo), but the other went in with the sticker side down.

Suggestion: mention that the memory module is slotted to only go in one way, and that you need to turn it over if it’s not fitting into the slot.

Step 7 Prepare the WiFi module

This was the hardest step, fortunately I had some practice first with the storage module :slightly_smiling_face:

I found that the easiest way to connect the antenna cables was to place the WiFi module down flat on the table next to the laptop, and then gently press the antenna cables down directly from above.

The black cable was long enough that it would tend to be pushed down, rotating the connector clockwise, enough that I was concerned that the black connector was going to short out against the white connector. I’d push the black cable a bit counter-clockwise, but then it’d pop off the module. It took me several tries to get the wires tucked in but not looking like it might short out.

Suggestion: would placing a small piece of tape against the lower part of the black connector alleviate the shorting out concern?

Step 8 Complete the WiFi module install

I was also concerned that the WiFi Bracket might short out the antenna connectors… but figured that either it was nonconductive or rested above the connectors.

Suggestion: for reassurance, explain why the bracket doesn’t short out the connectors.

Step 9 Make sure the Touchpad side of the Touchpad Cable is fully inserted

If your Framework Laptop came with an envelope with instructions around adding tape to the Touchpad Cable

If your Touchpad Cable already has double sided tape holding it in place

I didn’t see either an envelope included with my laptop, nor did I see double sided tape already holding it in place. (@nrp reassured me that I didn’t need to do anything if the cable was fully inserted and my touchpad was working)

Suggestion: if this wasn’t an error, mention that if you don’t have either tape in an envelope or already applied, just to check that the cable is fully inserted.

Step 12 Get ready to turn on the Framework Laptop!

Note that your first boot will take a while before the logo comes up on screen as the system does memory training.

It was hard for me to tell whether I had in fact turned on the laptop after pressing the power button. Now when I turn on the laptop the power button lights up so it’s obvious, but I didn’t see the power button light up when I pressed it the first time.

(Not sure if the power button doesn’t light up while the system is memory training, or if maybe I was pressing the button too gingerly and hadn’t actually turned on the laptop).

Suggestion: If there’s a way to tell that the laptop is turned on while it’s memory training, that would help to know that it was working (as apposed to my having fried it with my attempts to install things inside :slightly_smiling_face:)

Thanks! Overall the guide was very clear!

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Thanks for the notes! I made a few updates to the guide.


Nothing in the setup guide that says anything about what the power button light should be doing on initial boot. I assembled my unit, brand new Samsung storage, one brand new Crucial 32gb DIMM in channel zero, wi-fi card connected, connected the power supply, a tiny blue/cyan light shines continuously on the left side. I pressed the power button and it lit up briefly and then went out. I waited five minutes. Nothing. Pressing the power button just makes it light up briefly, never stays on. The laptop won’t boot. Now what? Need some troubleshooting documentation but can’t find any.

Pretty sure the outside of both connectors is a common ground, so shorting isn’t an issue. They may also touch the metal shield internally.

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@nrp Step 7 (Prepare the WiFi module) of Framework Laptop 13 (11th Gen and 12th Gen Intel Core) DIY Edition Quick Start Guide - Framework Guides should be updated to say that it’s not a problem for the metal antenna cable plugs to be touching the metal shield or each other.


Turns out that my unit was shipped with the battery disconnected. Inserting the white battery connector into its socket resolved the no-boot problem.