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The framework publicity engine continues. This time lots of really great constructive discussion on hacker news The Framework is the most exciting laptop I've used | Hacker News


I love how quickly the conversation turned to a port war. Apparently Framework’s IO modules are “nothing more than clip on dongles.” Their only acceptable solution is to make a laptop with:

  • 5+ USB A ports with a mix of USB versions
  • DIN keyboard and mouse ports (separate)
  • DB9 serial
  • DB25 serial
  • DB25 parallel
  • Full size HDMI
  • Mini HDMI
  • Full size DisplayPort
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • VGA
  • Full set of audio ports
  • Full size MIDI in and out
  • Barrel charging port
  • 0 USB C Ports

Please remind me not to subscribe to them.


Described one perfect machine with every port but not the most versatile one to be salty :slight_smile: sounds about right

wording edit

:grin: I’ll admit I was a bit salty after reading that thread. Apologies.
Although, I recall a comment that said USB C was worthless because you can only find cheap, unreliable cables for it. Apparently, none of the other ports have this problem :thinking:
As for that being a perfect machine, I challenge you to fit all those ports in a 13 inch laptop!