Nvidia Firmware Package Installed on AMD Framework 13 Laptop

This may be more of a Linux question than a Framework laptop question, but it’s still about the laptop so I thought to ask here.

I have an AMD Framework 13 laptop (Ryzen 5), with Fedora 39 (KDE) on it.

I noticed when installing updates that it has an nvidia package installed, which seemed odd to me since to my knowledge there is nothing nvidia in this laptop. Is there a good reason why an nvidia package may be installed, or is it being pulled in incorrectly and I should remove it? To my knowledge everything has been working fine, it was just something weird I noticed.

The package is nvidia-gpu-firmware.noarch (20240410-1.fc39 | @updates). I did also install steam from the Software Center as well, so I’m wondering if that led to just pulling in a bunch of things (although it seems unlikely). I did read some other threads on the internet that were similarly confused.

Nah it just gets pulled in as a “recommends” dependency of the linux-firmware catchall package.

$ dnf repoquery --recommends linux-firmware
Last metadata expiration check: 4:17:53 ago on Sun 14 Apr 2024 10:37:03 AM PDT.

Should be inert in your system unless you move the SSD to a machine with NVidia GPU.

Edit: You could sudo dnf rm nvidia-gpu-firmware if you’re so inclined.

That makes sense.

I don’t mind having it sit there inertly, as it’s not like a few extra driver files will fill my ssd to capacity.

it would probably be useful if you had a USB4-based external GPU solution, but yeah feel free to remove it using the command dimitris recommended above