Objective obstacles in the short-term

Can we assume Framework is mostly victim to the global supply chain disruption and recession given the sheer amount of funding available for scaling?

The reason I am asking is because of the uncertainty of batch deliveries and access to marketplace.

Based on the latest pitch deck can we assume that the 3rd party ecosystem is lagging behind for the same reasons?

  • No official acceptance of 3rd parties on FW marketplace

  • No 3d models of all parts

  • As a result no clear path for 3rd parties to participate both in terms of equipment and marketplace access

This is a user forum, so I can only speculate as a user, but…

The global supply chain disruption definitely affected Framework, though as far as scaling goes, they are still relatively new, and rely on another company for all their hardware manufacturing, so scaling is not as easy as it would be if they made all their own hardware.

The batch system is partially due to this limited manufacturing, and so that they know they have sold enough of each model to fill the batches per device. The marketplace is available to all countries they sell laptops to afaik, and stock is sometimes limited due to what parts Framework can get (again, they are not making their own hardware)

It requires 3rd parties to make parts, and for them to want to put things on the marketplace. In fact, there is currently 3rd party parts on the marketplace, the Coolermaster mainboard case.

This I cannot explain, though I also don’t think there is anyone on the framework team dedicated to this job, so they may just be busy with other things.

Clearly Coolermaster was able to work with Framework to get both of these, so I think it relies on 3rd parties to get in touch with Framework to work out the details.