October/Batch 4 Thread

Just got my Framework today!


Got my tracking info last night! it DIY kit with the works, ordered September 6th. Said at first Monday which I didn’t believe because it’s FedEx, says Wednesday now. I’ll be happy so long as I get it before I have to go out of town for work…

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DIY i5

Sept. 10: ordered
Oct. 4: preparing to ship
Oct. 22: shipping soon… card charged
Oct. 22: shipped

Estimated delivery Oct. 24 (Sunday). It left NJ and appears to be on its way to Ohio.


Mine has been stuck in Illinois for days now. Gotta love FedEx! Last package I got from FedEx was over a week after it’s expected delivery date :person_facepalming:

I should have had it shipped to family in Indiana and then had them ship it to me in Washington haha.


Well, it is still “In Transit” and only ~40 minutes away. Still “Potentially Delayed” with no ETA.


One day late, but I got it!

I hope fedex didn’t mess anything up inside :worried:


Figured I might as well say my timeline in case others want to make their own delivery estimates:

i5 unit Purchased

Pre-Ordered: Sept 16

Shipping My Batch: Oct 4

~The End


Since I got the updated shipping time frame for Tuesday the 26th, been patiently (quietly going insane while) waiting for the laptop to come in.

Thus far it seems to have enjoyed a tour of the Upper Midwest, with a little bit of a day trip in the Twin Cities, and that’s nice. I’ve always liked Minnesota.

I’m only hopping on because with the current location update, somewhere in the eastern foothills of Montana, about 8 hours away from me, FedEx a hair before 8pm my time, has updated their expected delivery to today, Saturday the 23rd.

I appreciate the optimism? I guess?


Here’s my update on my framework laptop. It’s awesome! It took awhile to get used to the config, but it’s a well-built device! I still need to set up some configs and such, but I’ll post a review soon after I’m done.

Debian stable is sure rocking on this device!

Probably surprised the FedEx fella as I was already waiting on the steps when he pulled up. Like many others, I’m writing this from the new machine, and so far loving it (huge improvements from my previous workhorse)! Had some hang-ups making sure my SSD was formatted properly (100% user error). Lightning-fast, still running updates (really didn’t dive into things until about an hour ago), and will likely make the jump to W11 tomorrow.

Great stuff, super happy, and absolutely worth the wait!

Timeline: i7-1165G7 BYO SSD/RAM
20 Sep: Order
15 Oct: Preparing to ship
18 Oct: Card charged
19 Oct: Tracking number
23 Oct: Arrived (1x day late), 33 days start to finish


Was not allowed to post for a while since my account is newbie here :slight_smile:

During that time my Framework ordered September 24th got shipped and delivered to address I gave Framework. So it arrived to mail forwarding facility I use :wink: And now it makes its long way to Ukraine, where I live :slight_smile: I believe I am going to be first Framework owner in Ukraine :stuck_out_tongue: Well, my dad going to be :slight_smile:


FedEx tracking is still showing a delivery date of Tuesday, despite the fact that as of an hour ago it’s ‘On FedEx vehicle for delivery’ leaving a town 20 minutes away :thinking: Might get a pleasant surprise this afternoon.


@mrwm , how did you managed to install Debian (I’ve been thinking about Fedora, but would prefer Debian, to be honest :slight_smile: )? Did it work out of the box or you installed something?

Hello! :slight_smile:
I don’t know yet how it is in terms of drivers support as I haven’t yet laid my hands on my FW laptop (stuck somewhere in a limbo on the reshipping company), but I’d assume that in terms of installation and support itself you won’t have any issues.

You might want to include the WiFi card drivers in the installation media or aside where you can access it while installing in case it doesn’t detect it so you can proceed with the installation but usually Debian is quite good on supportability of devices so you should go through without a problem.

Once I get mine I’ll be installing a few OS’s onboard with a 2TB (or 4… still deciding on that) NVMe drive and I’ll try to sum it up on how you can do that :slight_smile:
I’m thinking on:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10 (probably x2)
  • Kali
  • Debian
  • Qubes

Received my laptop 2 days ago. Setup was a breeze. Elementary OS is a perfect complement to this marvel of technology if you a mac fanboy as I was for over 20 years. It’s very similar to the look and feel of my 2015 Macbook Pro. Thank you, Framework Team, for making this product a reality!

PS. I like the Framework keyboard better and the touchpad is silky smooth.


@MikeCH Thanks for the support! :slight_smile: My doubts at the moment are about the drivers (both for the WiFi/Bluetooth and the processor itself). But the @mrwm 's post gives me hope it’s at least possible :slight_smile:


@Aleksandr_Saiapin CPU I can assure it ain’t an issue as I have another laptop of the 11th Gen Intel CPU and works without any issue. I do not have the exact same WiFi card on that laptop, it’s sort of the “twin sister” and uses the same driver. On the installed Debian OS the WiFi card works without any issue, that’s for sure. The installation I did not need to include the WiFi card on the USB stick I’ve prepared as it was done while connected to a docking station and used the Realtek NIC on that docking.

But I’m almost 100% sure it won’t be an issue. If it is, like I said, just include the driver in the same media of the install and you can import it during the installation itself!

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Finally got it delivered today! I am currently trying out some live boot distros. I am having some trouble entering the BIOS though. I have only been able to do it once so far at which time I disabled Secure Boot. I am making a separate post on that.


Just a thought. I saw on here where someone had the same issue and it turned out they enabled function lock. Try holding function when you are tapping F2 and see if that gets you into the BIOS. Worth a shot.

My framework config is as follows: DIY i5, with my own storage and wifi card + some USB A and C expansion cards, so I won’t be able to comment about support for other expansion cards for my Debian install.

TLDR: If you want a more complete and polished linux experience, I would suggest installing Fedora 35, as everything should work out of the box.

Debian has two types of installers: an official one without any special drivers, and an “unofficial” one with drivers included. I chose to install using the official one, and manually installed drivers during the installation. (I’ll be explaining more about this in a review).

As for the functions not working, it’s the TRRS audio port not picking up my mic, and not being able to use the fingerprint reader. Both are functions that I don’t mind not using.