October/Batch 4 Thread

Sept. 10: ordered
Oct. 4: preparing to ship
Oct. 22: shipping soon… card charged

Very much looking forward to getting my hands on it!


Don’t be sorry, that is very useful information and I’m very glad to hear about this. However this means some us may not be getting a unit probably until early November :upside_down_face:

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Assembled last night (on stream) with not too much pain (wifi antennas were indeed finicky but having some tweezers helped me hold the cable a lot more steadily). dbrand skin install also went well.

Here’s wishing you all the best of luck with them - shipping, install, and in daily use!



That yellow top is gorgeous!!!


Got mine this morning, didn’t take long at all to assemble, the wifi wires are easier to clip on before you put the card inside. took me a few minutes and I was finished. Loaded windows 11 and the framework drivers and am typing this message on it now. So far very very impressed with everything, The charger is so tiny, and the keyboard reminds me of earlier macbook pro models.


Was awesome to see the assembly on stream :slight_smile: Massive THUMBS UP!

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So… Supposed to be delivered today but it’s 3PM somewhere in East Coast and no sign of it being delivered yet… which just delays my reshipping even further… :frowning:

Quite annoyed to be honest… Hope the driver still makes it today.


My oder was initially shipped last friday (10/15) with a delivery estimate for today (10/21). Now that it’s been delayed to monday (20/25), I doubt it is going to arrive on time :bread:

I guess they decided to tell me to STFU…

As I posted the previous post I got this in the email:


Made a wallpaper for Windows and Linux. It’s not very dark because of the reflective screen. Enjoy.


This gives me anxiety… Hope you can get your laptop back


Sorry bruh! Not my objective… you’ll get yours too I’m sure :slight_smile: Just positive waves and it will get there before you notice it!

Now I just need to pray that the reshipping company is serious and doesn’t keep my sh*t!


Woo Hoo! I’m up and running!

Got my DIY framework laptop today, Fedex, ontime :slight_smile: Disassembly was a breeze, adding the components, except the WIFI adapter was super simple. The WIFI adapter, I highly recommend you read or watch the tutorial in support. Attaching the twin antennas is finicky and super small to work with (especially with my eyesight these days :frowning: Also, I ordered the 64GB ram option and the 32GB SODIMM is just thick enough that the inner-most slot, the bottom retaining clip was a little iffy and didn’t want to easily fully latch, but it did after a little coercion.

Booted into BIOS, hardware and components are solid. Disabled secure boot. The bios is fine, but notably I did not see any capability to show SSD or USB drive information. On first boot (with no OS anywhere), most other machines show a list of available drives in the boot menu, even when they don’t have a bootable partition. The framework laptop tells you no bootable media is available which confused me for a second and I wondered if I hadn’t installed the SSD correctly. But once I booted the PopOS USB, that showed up and the install process was flawless. First boot also took a bit longer than expected, which the tutorial warned that more memory, the first boot would take up to a minute. It wasn’t that long, but it was a good 20 seconds - just short enough to avoid panic :wink:

Boot from USB for PopOS 21.04 and installed REALLY fast, like <1 minute. Reboot and everything is working (with exception of fingerprint reader, which I frankly never use and don’t care). I bought a full suit of expansion cards (10 of them, all varieties) and tested them all without issues. Inserting the cards is super easy and they snap in nicely. Removing them takes a bit of quick force while pushing the button, they definitely are not going anywhere.

I was a bit concerned about the resolution and scaling, on default install PopOS went to 200% scaling, which is clear and readable but not the greatest usability. At 100% it’s “tiny” but I could work with it (as a comparison, I have a 4K 15" laptop and no way can I used that at 100%). My development IDE can bump the font size to something more agreeable if needed. Right now, I’ve enabled fractional scaling and switched to 125%, and I don’t see any noticeable blurring or font issues; I’m going to leave it at the scale for now and see how I like it.

My main concern was the keyboard, I’m coming from a Thinkpad X1 Extreme which has arguably the best keyboard in the market, but I also have a Thinkbook 13s, that I’m selling because the keyboard is so “meh/mush”, this is to be it’s replacement :slight_smile: I am pleasantly surprised. It’s as good as my work XPS 15 (latest generation) maybe even slightly better – seems like a deeper travel. If the keys had a slight scallop like the thinkpad, I’d be in heaven! That’s my recommendation as an alternate keyboard in the marketplace.

The power supply is really small, considerably smaller than my ThinkBook 13s 65W supply. Very nice, highly recommended.

I’m trying to use my new laptop as a Linux daily driver; I have never fully embraced “desktop linux” (years of command line) so I’m curious about the experience. I plan try and load Steam just as an experiment on game stability for linux in general, but obviously this is not going to be a gaming platform for me.

So great job Framework, I’m really happy. Keep up the great work. My future wish list would be scalloped keyboard option and an Ethernet adapter as an expansion card. I’d even accept if it protruded a bit just to have it available for those times when I need a hardline connection for IT operations. For now, I’ve got a USB-C adapter.

A very satisfying start to hopefully a long relationship!


The gang’s all here!

Gonna build it out and install Windows a little later when I get home.

Very exciting!


DIY i5
Ordered: 9/1/21
Preparing to ship batch: 10/4/21
Preparing to ship order: 10/12/21
Balance charged: 10/14/21
Shipped on: 10/19/21
Estimated delivery: Tuesday 10/26/21 (7 days to deliver to west coast)
Today (Friday) it just left Chicago. Hope there is not much snow in the Rockies or Sierra Nevada mountains.

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Its almost 7pm and it’s not even “Out for Delivery” yet. I somehow doubt that it is “On Time”

Edit: Now it says “Potentially Delayed” with no ETA. :roll_eyes:


Got the laptop yesterday! Feels higher quality than I expected! The only minor nit I have is the display seems to have a tiny bit of a curve – though maybe it’ll flatten out after some time in my bag.

I set up Arch and everything works with the exception of bluetooth where it still only appears after a cold boot.


My theory is FedEx never received so much consistent business, resulting in overpromising and underdelivering. Mine was supposed to get in today (NJ-KS) but called it a night an hour away. Whatever, tomorrow should be fun.

@Tan_Ho I was on the fence about getting a skin, and you aren’t helping! :smiley: Looks amazing!

Keep up the faith, everyone!


Just got my Framework today!


Got my tracking info last night! it DIY kit with the works, ordered September 6th. Said at first Monday which I didn’t believe because it’s FedEx, says Wednesday now. I’ll be happy so long as I get it before I have to go out of town for work…

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