October/Batch 4 Thread

@mrwm Thanks for the reply! I’ve been thinking about the Fedora too, and most probably I’ll stick to it (didn’t get my laptop yet :slight_smile: ), installing Cinnamon as the DE.
Anyway, thanks for the explanation (and still waiting for the review :wink:)

Ordered non-DIY 1135 Sept 17,
Batch 4 email Oct 4,

Starting to believe I’m last in line…


DIY 1165, still crickets, glad to see I’m not the only one, my RTX 3080 is gonna arrive before my laptop does, and frankly that’s just sad


Ordered DIY September 27,
i7-1165G77, 2x16GB, 500GB SN850

Emailed on October 4th with batch now shipping notification, nothing since. I’ll refrain from buying lottery tickets this year! -_-


@BiosElement I ordered the day before you with a similar set up, and I am in the same boat. I thought I would get it by Halloween when I ordered, but at this point I would be happy if it shipped by then!


Can be found here


Finally was able to get at mine (delivered Friday) this am. Installing everything was pretty easy, take your time with the wifi module, the wires are a bit of a PITA, but the laptop runs great. NOTE: be sure to download and install drivers, especially if you’re having wifi issues, mine module was not found until I downloaded the drivers.

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Ordered DYI Bare-bones i7-1185G7 + non vPro Wifi + Expansion cards Sep 24th
Shipped Oct 11th
Delivered Oct 12th

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Got my DIY mid-tier i7 in yesterday! In case anyone’s still waiting on a Batch 4 DIY i7-1165G7, here’s the full timeline:

  • Sep 22: Ordered
  • Oct 4: ‘Preparing to ship batch’ email
  • Oct 15: ‘Preparing to ship order’ email
  • Oct 18: Card charged, ‘Your order is shipping soon’ email
  • Oct 19: Order update email - order postponed due to NVMe delay in transit
  • Oct 22: Shipped!
  • Oct 24: Arrived! (2 states away)

Assembly was super easy, it took more time to put the stickers on than it did to put it all together. Arch install, of course, took a little longer but today I happily have a fully functioning machine. The warm-boot bluetooth issue is still present, so no reboots for me, but I can absolutely live with that - the wifi module is otherwise great, I’m seeing 325mbps down/41 up, on a gig down/100mbps up connection. Speakers are surprisingly good, screen is great, and I’m getting ~6 hours of battery life when doing a normal workload (including a mix of compiling, watching videos, etc).


I ordered a i5 on sept 11, and only got the Oct4 email thus far.
i see at least one that ordered sept 10th and got it already.
I hope they get some more in to start billing/sending soon!
plz take my monies



I saw somewhere Someone said Batch 4 1135’s closed on Sep 17, so I’m actually fully expecting mine to be last of the batch… I’ve waited WAY longer for electronics from Drop or GPD. 6-8 Weeks is nothing compared to the 10 months for my Drop Panda headphones.

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After waiting 89 Days for some electronics on aliexpress, I can definitely survive the wait for my framework

I’ve been waiting since April 27 for a professional microphone I ordered. That doesn’t mean I’m not checking my email 10 times a day to see if I’ve gotten word from Framework about my DIY i5.

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Well what do you know! I was just deleting spam from my email and a little notification popped up. New message.

“We’re preparing to ship your order.” Awesome.

Just got my email about my card being charged soon! I can hardly contain my excitement! Here’s hoping it gets here by the weekend so I can tinker with it!

sept 11th order
oct 4th prep to ship batch
oct 25th prep to ship order

yay hopefully they will be taking my monies!

Glad to say I got my frame.work laptop today. i5 DIY bundle, ordered 6SEP2021, shipped 22SEP2021, delivered 25SEP2021. I’m amazed at FedEx right now as I received it on a Monday when it shipped late on Friday night. I’ll admit I was caught off guard by the form factor and size, but I’ve gotten used to it in the last few hours getting things set up. Running Elementary OS 6 with kernel 5.14.14 and no issues, although the 5.11 kernel that shipped with the OS didn’t fully support the wifi card.


So, strictly speaking based on the second estimate FedEx gave me, the first one from when they had picked up the package (not after the label had been created), they have until tomorrow (Tuesday).

They have however missed their initial estimate of Saturday; their second updated estimate of Monday (In their defense, I never saw this one, they just told me it was the previous estimate at some point); their third updated estimate of Sunday; their fourth updated estimate, where as previously mentioned on Saturday evening they changed their delivery estimate to Saturday and today I watched the package spin in place all day at, not even my distribution center, one in the next town over.

I wish I were exaggerating when I say, “If ‘a particularly mean-spirited donkey and some duct tape,’ had been a shipping option, I would have chosen it over FedEx.”


Weather update: Ordered DIY i7-1165G7 on 27 September, “Preparing to Ship” on 25 October. I’ve never been more excited to drop a month’s rent on something.


After exactly one month, my order is preparing to ship

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