October/Batch 4 Thread

@henrytr awww!!! You got 2?!?! No fair! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mine came in yesterday and I’ve been setting up my OS. Had planned to go with Zorin OS16 but saw some vids about some issues with hardware drivers not being up to snuff. So I ended up putting on Fedora 35 and I’m pretty blown away by how everything just snapped into place and worked right out of the box.

Framework + Fedora 35 == :+1: :+1: :+1:


+1 for Fedora 35 working well with minimal configuration. I’m enjoying my Framework laptop so far!



I figured I’d share a couple pics. Seems like the majority of batch 4 have received their laptops.


Just wondering, does anybody know to set a limit on the percentage my charger will go to until it cuts power off to the battery? I wish to only charge my battery at 80% and to keep it plugged in.

Not 100% sure on Windows, but I have seen solutions presented here. Unfortunately, at this time they are all software based, so if you were to shut the computer down while plugged in it would fully charge.

A charge limit is a feature request for future BIOS/Firmware updates. It’s one I’d personally like to see!

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Same here! Also, I hear all sorts of answers on the internet that say “no” you shouldn’t keep your laptop plugged in all the time and others saying “yes” it’s totally fine. My dad keeps his laptop plugged in for weeks on end and his battery still seems to be fine. (He has a Dell Latitude e6320). Any thoughts on this?

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Technically, a lithium battery degrades faster when sitting at 100% charge. 50-80% state of charge is better for the battery. That doesn’t mean that every battery kept at full charge will quickly fail, or that every battery kept at 70% will last forever, but it does make a difference.


My mini-review of my unit, in case anyone is interested.

@Comfy did you experience any of the power/suspend/wake issues that describe in my review? Nothing super major … just things that I would have liked to see working more smoothly.

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I think if you do want to keep it plugged in all the time, it’s probably ideal to have the battery rest at a lower charge level as it won’t degrade as quickly. That said, there shouldn’t be any issues anymore as there were with some (very old now) laptops where trickle charging was a concern - if the laptop is able to pull all of its power needs from the external power source, it shouldn’t put any load on the battery at all.

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Suspend/resume works well for me with the lid switch. I prefer that my laptop doesn’t automatically sleep unless I close it so I have the idle sleep timeout disabled.

I have had some dock issues with a Dell WD19S (non-Thunderbolt), mostly related to DP MST functionality when two monitors are plugged into it. The i915 driver doesn’t seem to behave reliably with it yet. I haven’t dug into it too deeply though. Works fine when both monitors are connected via DP, but doesn’t play nice when one is HDMI and one is DP.

@Comfy I agree. I prefer to put the device to sleep, which I map to a shortcut. But I was having problems waking it up. I have found that adding “deep sleep” to my GRUB config seems to have helped.

Ah gotcha. I can’t say that I’ve had problems waking it up, but I haven’t left it docked, put it to sleep, and then tried to wake it closed with a peripheral yet. Another experiment to perform! :smiley:

Got mine this past Saturday (finally :slight_smile: ) got it setup in 10 mins. Framework team has done a perfect job with the how easy it is to add/change hardware on this. Easier then I expected to be honest. Was able to get NixOS installed after some tweaking and super happy with the setup. Time to prepare my MacBook Pro to sell :smiley:


I got mine about 2 weeks ago. However, I have not enjoyed it. The keyboard feels cheap to me, and sleep/suspend drains the battery under Ubuntu. Would someone like to buy mine before I attempt a return? I can keep it assembled or disassemble it again for you. It’s an i5 with 64G RAM and a 1G SSD and the non vdo wifi chip.

Sorry to hear you don’t like it. If you are truly looking to sell, this probably isn’t the best thread for it because most of the people in here already ordered and received their laptop.

Oh wow, did not expected to have someone here to worry about me. Yeah, as for now we are safe and far enough of hot areas… Framework safely packed in bag in case we would need to nope out of here fast


Thank you so much… And yeah… Troops are not the problem, they do what they have to do. Their mad leader is… His pocket generals. And their silent nation who allows that…
Well, their nation have a good example what happens when you are not silent - us…


How have you been going? @Vladyslav_Aksonov


Oh, wow, you guys keep checking on me :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:

I am still at my home, I am still relatively safe (no military action closer than 150-200km) but missiles keep flying over our heads and sometimes hitting nearby region center. So yeah… It is not like there is safe place from missiles in Ukraine. They even have audacity to hit our most western cities.

And on other note: I taking my naive words about soldiers just following orders and only putin being an source of evil back. Things that we learned after some previously occupied areas were liberated (Bucha, Irpin, etc) made us see them them in a whole another way. They are the country of monsters lead by yet another monster :frowning:

At this point my only wish for russia to disappear to the abyss their nation crawled from


That’s really good to hear. I hope this war settles.

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