Oculink-2 support?

Hi, currently the laptop have four usb 4 io that is very good, but will there be a option for a direct Oculink support in the future? Oculink can transmit data way faster then usb4 and just being just a little larger on the size.

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Unlikely, Thunderbolt and USB have a very robust ecosystem

I can’t say I’ve ever even heard of oculink

it is a io similar to thunderbolt, provide high bandwith io within one cable. it have support for pcie 3.0 x8 interface which doubles from the one with tb4. yet the size of the port is around the same size as a displayport connector, which is not very big though.

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I’m curious about this also. There’s a lot of benchmarking using OcuLink connecting to an RTX 4090 housed in a OneDock, and it’s demonstrably better performing in many modern games than Thunderbolt-based eGPU enclosures. I’ve found that using an eGPU via Thunderbolt for AI/ML workloads is about half as efficient.

I’d much rather have my Framework laptop have a very power efficient iGPU, and use Oculink to an eGPU for maximum flexibility and ROI.

For Framework 16 it is relatively easy to have a Oculink port in the expansion bay.

For the Oculink 13 the situation is a a lot worse, to the point that the best solution might be to just wait for Thunderbolt 5 and USB 4 version 2, that will provide up to 120 Gb/s and (in theory) will not limit any eGPU. It might arrive in a year or two, still unannounced.

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