Odd Power Issue, Rear Left Port

I noticed something yesterday and this morning and was wondering if y’all could check and see if you observe the same thing.

First I should mention that I’m powering the laptop with a Dell Thunderbolt 4 dock, which has nothing plugged into it other than power or ethernet, not the official power adapter. I’m pretty certain that this does not happen with the stock power adapter as I remember plugging it in via the same port after I first assembled it.

I should also note I have the battery charge limited to 80% via the provided bios setting, just in case that has something to do with it.

When I plug my Framework 16 in first thing in the morning after being unplugged for 6-8 hours while I’m asleep, I noticed that the light on the side of the laptop does not turn on. This happens specifically if I plug it in via the left side rear port (the one capable of USB4/Thunderbolt). I’ve tried unplugging and re-plugging it in via that port and the light does not come on. However, if I then move the power cable to the middle port, it turns on, and then if I move the power cable back, it also comes on. Additionally, if I leave the cable plugged in to the rear port while the light is off, the light will turn on like normal as soon as I hit the power button.

It’s like the motherboard is “asleep” and won’t charge via the thunderbolt port until it’s woken up.

Does anyone else have a Dell Thunderbolt 4 or other dock and have noticed the same?

you referring to port 1?

Yes, Port 1 is the port I’m referring to as the “rear” port, and port 2 is the “middle” port.

So it appears this has something to do with the dock. I plugged the dock in first, and nothing happened, then I unplugged it and plugged in a regular power cable (not the official one; this one actually happens to be an ASUS 100w adapter) and the charging light turned right on.

So… I guess the thunderbolt ports don’t like taking power from docks in whatever deep power mode it’s in after it’s been shut off for a while?

I wonder if Framework has had any other reports of issues like this with thunderbolt docks?