Ok to post one for sale? If so, which topic?

Unfortunately, like others, the battery life just isn’t there for me. I’d like to post it for sale but don’t want to break any of the forum rules…

Thx for any info…

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Is this forum an official Framework interface, there is quite a bit of ‘official seeming’ content?

For example, the Fairphone forum is a user forum and Fairphone do not ‘monitor’ or moderate the contents.

The Fairphone forum has a Market category with sub categories for offers and wants.

By the way @Reese_Borel what configuration do you have and what battery life are you getting ?

i7-1165G7, 64G ram, 1Tb, Win11. Depending on what I’m doing no more than 2-3hrs.

Kind of a bummer compared to the XPS but I’ve gone to a M1Max MBPro ~12-18hrs.

I’m not being ridiculous asking for more time IMO. Don’t get me wrong the FW is a beast but it’s a quick dying beast. At this point I just want to sell it.

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I have the same CPU but only 16 RAM 512 Win 11 and I can get 6 hours watching video but that’s about as intense as I get. The fan never comes on :slight_smile:

Just tagging the moderators to get you noticed :slight_smile:


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@Reese_Borel, you’re leaving us too?

hahaha, Sorry… please don’t take it personal… :slight_smile:

It’s just sitting on the corner of my desk… I hate that it’s not being used.

Sorry, don’t login to Frame.work much lately. Still interested?

@Reese_Borel Hey I’m interested in the offer, for how much are you selling it?

Make an offer, It’s just sitting on my desk.

I’d take it off your hands for $550. Anyone bid higher?