One of the four internal ports is not reliable

Intel i7-1165G7 (12M Cache, up to 4.70 GHz) DIY edition with manjaro 21.2.1, Batch 8.

Everything works right out of the box, except for the problem with the one internal connection. It is the port above the audio interface. I tested it with two different USB-A expansion cards. The problem is that this port identifies, say, the USB headset and connects it to a video conference. But after a minute or two, the sound suddenly comes out of the internal speakers and the USB headset is no longer recognised. I have also tried this with an external USB memory. Same problem. For a few seconds the drive was connected, then it disconnected and a few seconds later it was connected again.

Do you have any tips on how I can get a better handle on the problem? I don’t want to think of a hardware problem per se.

Check the EMI sticker?

So no idea. What is your opinion? Does it look good?

I’ve never done this or seen this before myself - but it does not look like the drawing. It’s not centred over the IC and overhangs (without raising up) quite a bit. I could see it contacting the legs of the IC.

Though your sticker looks more like the green (good) drawing, the placement over the IC looks more like the red (bad) drawing. It doesn’t fully cover the IC and it overhangs on the left.

How does it compare to the port above?

I would move the sticker back a bit (to the right in your photo) so it lands square over the IC, fully covering it and not overhanging quite as much.


I will try (later this day). let’s see.


Trying to fix it myself did not solve the problem.
This is “the fix” (be careful if you try it yourself. The sticker is fragile and sticks to the components.

Hi @luckow. I would recommend submitting a ticket to our support team here: Framework | Support so they can ensure your laptop is performing as intended!

Thank you and stay safe!


Quick update. Support gives me a kind of “tutorial” to solve. Remove the RTC battery to reset the firmware. After that - installation of Windows & framework drivers. Along the way I learned that it is not possible to install Windows on an external USB drive (for me).
After spending a couple of hours following the tutorial, the problem still persists. Damn.

Update to update: DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE A PICTURE of your removed battery. The “tutorial” will give you a clue. But I missed it. So I did a second round to make this proof. Support actually needs this.

Update on update on update: Framework Computer Inc sent me a replacement mainboard. After following Mainboard Replacement Guide - Framework Guides everything seems to be working fine at the moment. Top service. Thank you.