One of the ports won't work with storage devices

There is a weird issue I’m facing with one of the expansion ports. I’m running Manjaro Linux, and I am updated to the latest version of the firmware and BIOS.

The left-front port of my Framework works like normal with everything except for storage devices. I have tested this with multiple USB-A flash drives, a USB-C flash drive, and even a Framework storage expansion port. None of them work with that one port, but all of them work with all of the other ports.

The strange thing is this port works for everything else: 2-way power delivery, midi devices, HDMI, etc. It just doesn’t like storage devices for some reason.

Does anyone have a plausible explanation as to why this is?

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Might be a hardware issue, try running sudo dmesg | grep usb after plugging in the expansion cards in the front left port and post the output here.