Only a Framework

So… You are not at home, have to video edit, and only brought the short HDMI cable for the camera.

No problem, it’s a Framework!


Oh lord. What on earth caused this?


Very short HDMI cable I carry in the bag with all of my modules as a “just in case”. Like if I want to connect my video camera to the laptop or do a video capture.

Spur of the moment teaching editing at a friend’s house. He didn’t have a spare cable.


Thanks, I hate it! :laughing:


And then run the external display in “duplicate” mode :man_facepalming:

I didn’t. That was the photo just setting up. I think you missed the point of the post. I ran extended of course.

Now i’m curious how many expansion cards it takes until you run into connection issues :thinking:

Well I would suspect it is going to depend on the bandwidth demand you have.

But I don’t think it even warrants a test. Besides I don’t have more USB-C modules to add to the chain. And I don’t recommend doing it… Too much risk of snagging them.

this gets my nomination for “cursed picture of the week” for the Framework Community. Last week it was the one where someone straight up removed the display and lid of the laptop so it was just a keyboard half connected to a monitor.


People are saying this is cursed but I don’t believe so.

I assume a lot of you don’t use modern limited IO devices that require THICC DONGLES. They look WAY worse.

I say, this is a measure of how very flexible Framework can be!


Yep, exactly… and MacGyver approved

Flexible, sure, and convenient when you need it, without a doubt.

But still cursed. Every time you add another connection, especially one that’s as weak to bending as USB-C, you skyrocket the risk of damage to the cable. Eventually a dongle “extension” like that of sufficient length will start behaving like a snake - and every single USB-C port in that chain will be tortured as it does so. That’s why I’d still call it cursed.

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“cursed” doesn’t necessarily mean bad.

Cursed is just the wrong word. Ill-advised is more appropriate.

I would never recommend doing it… Unless the situation called for it… Which it did.

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My friend, let me introduce you to a word perfect for this situation: blursed.
It’s cursed in that it shouldn’t work, but GD does it work!


Fun “word” but I stand by ill-advised.

Everyone, I think we all have flogged this thread enough :smirk:. My post was meant to just show a funny bit possible with Framework.

Let’s mind the gap and see what other things can be done with the framework (seriously silly or important) that you can’t do with “normie” laptops.

One thing I seriously appreciate is being able to charge / maintain the battery via a standard USB cigarette charger in the car. No more special (read overpriced) 12v to 19v adapters.

We can do this because Framework thought about it up front.

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If it works, it ain’t stupid :rofl:

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The USB Centipede?