My microsoft account was recently taken down by my former employer and I’m now unable to log into my lenovo t490s (i bought it out). Have tried the OOBE\BYPASSNRO command, but it doesn’t work. I’ve disconnected from my WiFi and I believe the problem is that it is X:\windows\system32> instead of “C:\…”. Any suggestions?

This is the Framework community which is specific towards the Framework laptops. You may find better support by asking Lenovo’s community or their support. Alternatively, you should contact your former employer’s IT department to sort this out.

logging into the windows laptop but only? having that one online/microsoft-style account (non-local account) doesnt save you here with that bypassnro script in the system32\oobe\ folder you need to have an actual local user on the machine to get over with all the mandatory online stuff. maybe your former employer could still create you an actual local user on that laptop and hand it over to you? or just reinstall from scratch on that hardware. etc