Open Source Summit 2024


We have an event announcement!

Framework will be at the Open Source Summit in Seattle next week as one of the sponsors for the event.

Stop by Booth B11 to say hi to the team and play with some Framework Laptops.


FW is really taking it to the next stage with their commitment to open-source and sustainable hardware and software!
That and the recent promise (through the new job opening) of an open-source firmware including the BIOS, those are exciting times!


Where schematic XD

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Well, true, but there are already a lot of schematics available, even if not for the mainboard circuits themselves.

Anyway, I’m really happy to see that the firmware is progressing towards being open!
A device devoid of proprietary blobs, as much as possible (unfortunately I’m looking at you, HDMI binary blobs), is a really really rare, and nice to have, product.

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It’s nothing compaared to the full schematics that are floating around on the internet for most other laptops but I do understand why they are doing it. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though.


Also looking forward to opensil, that’s probably a plus for everyone involved.

Then wait a bit and those will be floating around for FW too.
It just needs some fans to make it happen, could be you and me.
For other laptop brands too, the companies producing them have nothing to do with these schematics being available, it’s only the work of indie hackers.

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Honestly the low volume and them only giving it out to repair shops under nda makes it leaking a lot less likely. But I would like to be proven wrong XD.

The low volume is temporary, and they need to keep their head start for a little more while.

After that, with larger volumes, you’ll see more hacking.

But at that point they will also be way ahead in terms of the rhythm of release of new mainboard models, so it won’t matter as much if a Chinese copycat of an old 12th gen starts to be shipped around.

Is that an actual concern? I have never seen copycat thinkpad mainboards or anything around that line and those schematics and boardvidews have been out there forever.

If you wanted to make a copy all you need to do is measure every component and x-ray/disassemble the board. For someone capable of making a copy that is pretty much trivial.

I though it was about IP from the ones doing the actual mainboard design.

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Well, you are right, if indie hackers can do it, then so do professional copycats.

Maybe it’s just because of how the mainboards have been developed, and the NDAs related.
Then, after a while, FW may start getting rid of such liabilities, just like they get rid of proprietary BIOSes.