Open Sourcing our Firmware

It’s great !
I was curious that if you going to provide software support for Linux like System 76 with there DKMS and Drivers on GitHub.

I bought a framework laptop yesterday because of this.
Keep going! Open source the bios (Coreboot?), work on firmware upgrades from Linux!

My XPS 13 was a big disappointment because of the broken + unstable TB 3 implementation under Linux. Really hopeful the Framework is outta this world.


Ive had 4 framework laptops (one for each of my family members) in my basket for ages… the only thing holding me back is not being able to flash coreboot (so that intel management engine (IME) can be disabled with me_cleaner). Obviously it would be even better if framework distributed their laptops with coreboot & a disabled Intel ME but if framework would at least disable boot guard and unlock the CPU I could have a crack at it myself.

The release of EC code is actually enough to convince me that it’s coming and I should just go ahead and order at least one, but assuming that Framework does eventually get this done, will it apply retroactively to the current models for those willing to DIY? Or will it require a hardware change (and hence buying a new mainboard?)

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It would require a whole new motherboard from my understanding. I know Purism is able to ship a mostly neutered and disabled ME because they leave certain fuses unfused but if the manufacturer of Framework’s board trips the fuses then they can’t be unfused. The only problem with that theory is that Purism uses 10th gen parts and not 11th or 12th gen so perhaps the design changed.

very excited for coreboot ! will keep watching this issue !

understand that have a lot of work ahead but im hopefull they recognise the value . the type of people who want a diy upgradible laptop are likely to be the type of people who want a free bios !

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As mentioned here, there’s a theoretical path to enabling Coreboot on existing hardware, using a similar model to how we enabled UEFI Secure Boot on Linux systems. While I think it’s possible to build everything in an appropriate way, it’s not yet guaranteed to be possible.


I just put some articles about this topic.


Has anyone tried using the TGL package from edk2-platforms?
edk2-platforms/Platform/Intel/TigerlakeOpenBoardPkg · GitHub