Options for a stylus capable display for a tablet build?

After being inspired by whatthefilament’s tablet build, I desperately want a tablet that accepts stylus input for taking notes in class.

Where my build would differ is whatthefilament used a USB touch screen monitor, in my case a touch screen is something I could live with or without, stylus input is the make or break feature for me.

I don’t have very much experience with stylus input displays though, I was looking at the Wacom CINTIQ 13HD to use as the main display for the project, but I have some concerns that I can’t really find answers to without buying one and trying it out, namely:

Can I power the Wacom tablet from the Framework without an external power supply? The stock power supply for the CINTIQ 13HD outputs 19V 1.58A, which seems closer to what an entire laptop would need.

Would I have to have a dedicated USB-C to HDMI adapter built into the design and lose one of the expansion module slots, or would I be able to use the Wacom display through the standard displays connector? I know at the very least I would need to dedicate a USB port to the digitizer.

If the answer ends up being no to both these, would anyone happen to know of another manufacturer that makes stylus capable displays (preferably OEM components so I don’t have to gut a consumer device) that I can use for this project?


check out PineNote by Pine64. It’s pretty power efficient and uses wacom EMR stylus which is top in the tier.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m looking for something that runs Windows since all the software I need is Windows only. Plus an e-ink display wouldn’t play nice with the kind of work I need to do.

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You can also pick up an old Fujitsu Lifebook which comes with wacom display. Newer model uses wacom AES which in my opinion way worst than the passive wacom EMR stylus that previous version uses.

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Just wanted to add my vote for the option to add stylus display support for framework laptops.