Ordering Clear Keyboard

Hey All,

I finally got around to pre-ordering a laptop, but it looks like the only option for the keyboard is the US layout. Where can I get the clear keycap keyboards?

I tried searching the knowledgebase and any threads, but no luck.

Not available yet. I assume when the Market Place is launced!


This seems to be a rough time to get in if you really want to tune your setup. I can appreciate that being the case because the product is so new, but I guess my point is this platform will probably be significantly more valuable once the marketplace is live.

I want to order one of these things, but I’m not a fan of having 4 keys to the left of my spacebar. I don’t like the “fn” key in that spot, and I’d prefer slightly wider ctrl and alt buttons. I know I may just have to have to suck it up, but it’d be nice to see some other options before biting the bullet and purchasing.

Still looks like a great product … I have one in my cart. I just haven’t clicked “Place Order” yet. :sweat_smile:

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I keep seeing a clear keyboard module all over when I’m looking at reviews/evaluations and the like, but I can’t find that option anywhere on the website. is that something that’s coming later, or maybe something that was only sent to reviewers to look cool? What’s the deal with that?


Yes, soon™: Spanish keyboard layout - #4 by nrp

I think high demand for the laptops due to the recent media coverage and delays in rolling out the Marketplace means the clear and blank keyboards got pushed back a bit.

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The clear ANSI version is available now, both in the full cover configuration or just the keyboard component.

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Hello, the blank keyboards aren’t available when buying the laptop. Would it be possible to buy a laptop with a blank keyboard instead of the only 4 available choices ?

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The clear ISO one is still “Coming Soon”, wonder when it’ll actually appear

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