Ordering to the netherlands

My batch 8 order is being prepared. Are there any Dutchies here who can share how it goes? Most people pay with credit cards, which seem to get charged automatically, but I paid the deposit via iDeal. Does that work the same?

And how fast is shipping? Americans seem to get it pretty fast, I think the fastest I’ve seen was 3 days. Is it any different for shipments to the netherlands?

Ideal is the same as card, if it fails to charge, you can retry in your account/orders

It took like 3 days to get here…woensdag verzend, vrijdag afgeleverd


My bank originally got rejected, but I received an email with a link to complete my payment (Wednesday). I did that late in the evening, so it took until the next day to be sent (Thursday) and it was delivered the next Monday (Monday).

So incredibly fast is the answer, especially since it is coming from Taiwan.