Ortholinear keyboard option?

Hi, just wanted to share a suggestion - I’d be absolutely in love with the Framework if there was an ortholinear keyboard option, preferably programmable. What do you people think about that?

Apart from that - as soon as I saw the Framework, I knew I’ll be ordering one, ortho keyboard or not. Waiting patiently for the Europe release!


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Hi, I also would like to have an ortholinear layout keyboard. It is more ergonomic and flexible than standard layouts. It has become more and more popular recently. I would gladly pay extra for this option.


I understand that the chassis does not allow for adding more keys, but this should not be an issue for ortholinear layout. While ergodox and redox type keyboards do need more space, this is not the only choice for ortholinear. See Staggered VS Ortholinear keyboard, what are the differences? - Tech Fairy for example, although I would prefer a shorter space key and fully symmetric modifier keys.

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Hi all:
+1 for the ortholinear keyboard and symmetrical modifiers. The modifier modification would be possible with a shorter space bar/key, but the whole thing would require cutting a different aluminium key layout.

I gather it’s technically possible, right?
And just waiting for enough demand for a 2nd layout?


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+1 for an ortholinear keyboard option, I recognize how niche of an option it would be, but it’s something I would adore to see available on a laptop!

I would also love to see an ortholinear option made available! Space should not remotely be an issue considering common ortholinear layouts only have 47 or 59 keys since the idea is to use layers for any additional keys.