Parts over time

I had a thought based on what i have seen and heard. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a store built around the parts themselves and not just the laptop. Lets say i just want to buy the chassis today, and then later the mother board and then later the ram and then the gpu and after a bout a year of monthly purchases i have finally gathered all the parts of the laptop and put them together and am now able to use the exodia laptop. I do not make a lot of money and i am sure there would be a ton of logistical nightmares to doing this but it would also make it easier to buy a laptop over time and know that you have paid for everything without risking losing it all over not making one last payment. also this would make getting replacement parts even more simple becuase when we get an error code i can just go to the shop to purchase them without having to contact support otr the people that made them. Lets discuss the parts over time and see if this is a viable and lucratve idea or if this idea is impossible to do.


I think the upcoming marketplace aims to do something similar to this. I’m not sure how extensive it will be yet, but I know that being able to buy/sell parts on it was a goal along with opening it for third party developers.

I mean, in theory everything will be replaceable through the marketplace, so you could probably build it piecemeal. But it will almost definitely end up costing more, both for parts and for shipping multiple packages.

Take a listen to the Johnny Cash song - “One piece at a time”.

Studies have been done for building a car piecemeal, instead of from a factory. IIRC, the cost for parts alone was 3-4 times the cost of buying the whole car. And then you had to assemble it.

For assembling a car, yes it is possible but with computers if price gauging isn’t prevalent, you can typically get a better computer for the same price of a prebuilt with worse parts. There is the cost of delivery of those items, but cars are completely repairable with right to repair unlike certain electronics. The idea is that buying one part at a time is already in place because building a computer is already piece meal but it can be done much faster then the example above.

Yes, and I have custom built or upgraded a couple of my desktops. including complete interior swaps.

This was done to keep my wife from seeing a completely new computer come in the door.