Photo & Video Editing on Framework 13 AMD Ryzen 7 7840U

I need to get a laptop to take on the road, light LR editing and very quick and easy 4k edits in Davinci Resolve 18 Studio (using proxies) (DJI air3 DLOG-M and Canon R5 vids).

Looking at the AMD 7840U with either 32 or 64GB RAM.

I have my desktop pc for the heavy lifting with photo/video editing I just need something when away for weeks at a time.

I need something ultra portable and reliable to take with me. Mac is not an option and I love the idea of this being upgradable.

So my question is will this be able to do it or am I just setting myself up for frustration?

Any help appreciated.

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I don’t have mine yet, so this is mostly speculation:
Light editing should be fine, the 7840U has a good iGPU. I can’t say much about live preview (especially in 4K!) though.

The FW 16 is probably a better bet for editing on the road.

You should consider that the matte screen also isn’t geared towards the best color representation, the glossy screen is better for that.


[LukDeHuk] is probably right in the sense that the 16 will have discrete GPU.

But as you’re using proxies, my guess is that the 13 will be just fine.

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The problem with the 16 is it’s size and weight. I need the lightest set up possible.

Just hoping the 13 will be enough. In theory it should be, hopefully someone will be able to give me some feedback on their personal experience doing simialr work on the 13

I am considering doing what you are hoping to do (but waiting for the intel meteor lake version) When you speak of using proxies may I ask what you are referring to and how would that help?

Still learning.


Here is a good place to learn about proxies.

Hope it helps.

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For what you describe, I’m confident that the 7840u in the Framework 13 would be more than capable. From all reports, it should be faster than an Apple M1, and I’ve used an M1 Mac Mini with 16GB of RAM for Lightroom (ran great) and even 4K video edits on Davinci Resolve with no issues (without using proxies).