Photoshop Performance

My 7-year old laptop finally kicked the bucket and I’ve been looking into Framework for a while. Now that I’m actually in need of a laptop, I’ve ordered one.

As a professional photographer, I use photoshop a LOT, usually dealing with raw format images of 45 megapixels. My friend who is also a photographer told me that he’s worked on other laptops with similar specs and said that it was very sluggish.

I was wondering if there’s anyone here with experience or insight as to how Framework would handle Photoshop in regular use, or if I should just try for something else? Important note: I travel a LOT and an external GPU is not really an option for me. I’m limited on space when I’m on the road.

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Maybe unhelpful since I’m using the ancient Photoshop CS6 with 18MP raw files, but editing is smooth. Brushes, clone stamping, filters, adjustments, edit previewing etc. all work fine.

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