Pinout of the 16's 85whr battery?

Not sure what you mean. It’s always been great that he comments in the forum and will give us information that hasn’t yet worked it’s way into Framework’s github. And impressive that he’s still able to find time to do it, despite being the CEO and I imagine having a lot of other things fighting for attention. I think many on the forum do notice.

If you mean that batteries have to potenial to be hazardous. Well, a lot of things are hazardous if you’re careless. People have the right to use, fix, and repurpose the things we own. Information about the products we’ve paid for should not be locked away. Or worse, artificial electronic restrictions put in place to prevent repair or reuse. Like Apple’s ‘parts pairing’ lockdown scheme.

Yup, fully agree with this.

At some point you have to warn people, and then treat them as something of an adult. Not everybody is, sure. And sometimes you gotta do something and cause issues. But if you’re so worried that ANYTHING bad is ever going to happen…nothing can happen.

You sir, have some balls!