Pinout of the 16's 85whr battery?


I’ve waited almost a year to get my hands on the 16’s battery and take it apart. I have done this as of a few mins ago, but, unlike the FW13’s battery, the connectors pins aren’t labeled on the board.

Can someone please tell me the pinout of this battery?

Thank you!

Also, if anyone else is curious–the 13 and the 16 share the same BMS - the BQ40z50 (just as I hoped they would!). :slight_smile:


Ok,just going to have to follow this to figure out what you’re up to.


I’m also curious where this is leading. Please be careful with it!


Don’t forget to have a video going whenever you try whatever. After all, the fire department needs video proof that it was intentional, rather than accidental, fire. /s


My guess is using the 16" battery with the 13" mainboard

Interesting. I wonder if it’ll physically fit, even with the speakers removed. Unless it’s in some kind of external case.

Thank you so much. This is the second time you’ve replied (SO QUICKLY) to a question of mine, and I deeply appreciate it.

I bought an 11th gen off of ebay a while back and a dude from Germany sent me a dead board to help with prototyping. Once I can afford it I’m hoping to get an AMD board into a modernized Thinkpad 25 ( I have been daily driving a modified T480 (I more or less followed A FrankenPad Story: T25 with Quad-Core CPU and UHD LCD Panel - Foxy Blog) since 2018, and it’s time for an upgrade. I have been a thinkpad user since college (early 2000s), and I just can’t give up my 7-row keyboard. <3

I’ve already bought a fair amount of equipment to get this accomplished. The only thing I really lack is time (9 months out of the year, at least) due to being a teacher. But summer is coming up, so hopefully I can get this done! :slight_smile:



After a whole lotta research and some gambling, I think I have a workable connector for the mainboard (man, those connector pins are tiny!). I also desoldered a connector off of a donor T470 that, coincidentally, has the same pin layout I need for the framework battery (assuming the VRTC connection on the 85whr is what I think it is). Now I just need to double-check the wiring layout, solder things together, and hope nothing goes 'splody on me. If it doesn’t work, it’s also possible I’ll be able to use the EV2400 I bought to reprogram the BMS, but that’s a measure I really don’t want to have to take.


Might be worth adding an inline fuse, sized to max amps the board should consume?

Likely a good idea, but if I’m being honest I might be too impatient to wait for an amazon package. The BMS is the same, the voltages are the same, so… maybe it’ll work out. I already have a dead board that starts up but won’t post, so if I fry it nothing is lost IMO. To lose the battery would be a bummer, but I’m going to do this all outdoors just in case.

Thank the heavens for a laptop company that treats its customers like adults!
“Here it is, but be careful”. :+1: :+1:


Oh it’s virtually certain it’s fine, it’s more that you’re changing wiring around, and there’s always the potential for mis-wiring, or wiring to wear or connector to break or what not. Highly unlikely, and since the BMS is part of the battery I’m sure it has short-circuit protection, but better to be safe than a burning mess.

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You’re definitely right about that!

The battery works! (It’s charging up now, and the mobo stays on even after removing the charger.)

Edit–yep, still charging, and I ran a windows update just on battery. It’s all good. Time to really start saving for that AMD board. :smiley: !!!


That’s dope any way this setup would work in the 13 with the speakers removed?

It would likely be too tight of a fit, but perhaps with some refinement it could work.

oh cool! I wouldn’t be interested in this but IK one of the complaints of the 13 is the battery life but for me it’s fine

Yeah–my Thinkpad project was on hold until I figured out whether the 85wh would work with the 13’s mainboard. I don’t want to even have to think about battery life.

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Honestly for my workload on Windows I get 7-9 hours with the AMD 13 and that’s enough for me. For the situations where I need more battery I bought a 65W 24,000 Mah powerbank that works great!

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Yeah, are we all just gonna ignore nirav just handing over the schematics and saying “okee dokee don’t screw up?”