Pitting on Palmrest

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with pitting on the palmrest as seen in the attached photos. None of the marks are deep, but enough that you can feel some of the larger pits with your finger, and a fingernail will catch them if scraping across the surface.

I assume it’s just an expected part of using a computer every day, but it is slightly annoying from a cosmetic viewpoint. The points line up exactly with where my hands tend to rest. I’ll note that I wash my hands frequently, and don’t currently wear a watch. I’ve put it down to normal wear and tear, but figured I’d get outside opinions.

Slightly tangentially, I noticed with another Framework 13 that there was a slightly rougher feeling to the palmrest. I can’t recall if this texture was present on my laptop when I first received it. Perhaps I’ve worn it smooth. Did anyone else notice a texture to the input cover that has diminished with use?


Assuming they are pits, not raised bits then it is corrosion which leads me to think you may have corrosive sweat as it is occurring where your hands go. If it was wear it would smooth out pits not create them.

My Gen11 Batch 8 from Fen 2022 has no such issue and I use it for 4, 5 or six hours a day. I do not use a keyboard etc. You don’t say how long you have had the laptop and when you first noticed it. [Model | Batch no. | date of receipt] etc.

I work on the land and have to wash my hands dozens of times a day. I do use linseed oil and tar.

I doubt it is electrical pitting as I’m sure you’d notice a tingle and then static electric al discharge I would image would be more spread out.

You sure you haven’t been drinking pepsi and got splashes of phosphoric acid or your hands :slight_smile:

It could of course be a poor batch of aluminium sheeting and the anodising covered it initially. Contact support as even if out of warranty I’m sure they would like to know. They may ask for a return to investigate.

I have aluminium solar panels outside in what must be slightly acid rain. 32 + years old still producing and no pits.

It’s definitely pitting as it is visibly concave up close. I got it at the start of December 2022, so I’ve had it a while. I’d suggest the pitting has happened in the last year though.

I can’t see it being acid hands as I don’t drink lemon juice while using my computer and, like I say, do wash my hands pretty frequently.

Yeah, might follow up with a report to support (try saying that 10 times quick) just to let them know.


Yeap “follow up with a report to support” said that a ‘few’ times, no problem :rofl:

After less than a year and a half, something odd, but do check the rest of the chassis as you only show where your ‘wrists’ may touch. And lemon juice is not so acidic.

the main cause of corrosion of metals in contact with synthetic sweat, was 95% attributed to the sodium chloride,
Corrosion of metals by human sweat and its prevention - ScienceDirect

Workers in the precision engineering industry who readily corrode metal are known as‘rusters’. We have described two patients with this condition, and review current ideas with regard to its cause, detection, prevention and treatment.


Extremely anecdotal, but that looks just like the pitting in an aluminum pan where I cook pasta in salt water. Salty palms would have been my guess too.


That’s exactly what it is → Salt corroding the aluminum. You can see that the left side is more impacted because you, on average, let your left hand sits on the palmrest more than your right hand. Plus, on the right, the border of the case is more affected because that’s where your hand palm rests when you use the touchpad.

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