Plans for alternate materials?

In addition to aluminum, other manufacturers appear to commonly use lighter, abeit more expensive materials for their panels such magnesium alloy and carbon fiber. I’m wondering if framework has plans for upgrade options such as

  1. magnesium alloy
  2. carbon fiber
  3. titanium alloy

I can also imagine that there would be a market for upgraded screen materials, such as offering a display made from sapphire glass (bonus points for matte finish!).


Do you have any idea how expensive that is? Genuine question from me

I have a sapphire screen protector on my iPhone and it cost $100

I can’t even begin to imagine how expensive doing a laptop screen would be…several hundred dollars at least I would think

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Agreed that they would never come with such premium materials as stock, but I do imagine that there is a market willing to shell out for the extra durability aftermarket.

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Yup! Would be great for people who want to ditch all of their life savings into the most sturdy laptop possible!

Not if a screen protector costs more than a replacement display…which it would. Sapphire is scratch-resistant yes, practically scratch-proof but it is not durable against cracks, trust me I know because of the screen protector on my phone. Nor does it make sense as the screen should never be in a position where the potential for that kind of damage could occur. I don’t know about the rest of your ideas, they may make sense and might be desirable-lighter devices are always welcome after all but there was a reason why Apple abandoned sapphire as the screen material on the iPhone 6. It is too expensive and difficult to manufacture and the economics don’t make sense.

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? Sorry for the misunderstanding! I did not mean for it to be interpreted as such! I just meant it as a joke! And as a serious topic as well, for people who want a stronger laptop they can put in the money. I do not understand how my topic was rude… In fact that would apply to me.


All helpful info. I was not aware of the physical drawbacks that come with sapphire glass, but do consider myself willing to pay more after market for more premium materials (and am sure that I am not alone in feeling this way) if it means extending the life of my laptop.

The screen aside, I would love to see magnesium alloy or carbon fiber options for the body panels.

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I agree with him👍