Please add a kengsiton lock slot on laptop

Burglarproof is really important, especially for whose data is precious.

@AMDYES The most you can hope for is burglar resistant.

See link:


The illusion of security is enough to deter a lot of thieves. It’s like the expired or fake “home alarm system” signs. Why roll the dice or bother when there’s something unprotected that’s not too far away.

I’m not sure how you’d get a lock on it without a new chassis, but I can see the appeal. If someone is determined enough to break the lock then you’ve got other problems.

Or as the inimitable Bruce Schneier calls it, “Security Theater.” :grin:


Would this work through an expansion card?

No, because the expansion cards are by design removable; this would have to be built into the chassis.

(Although thinking about it a bit I guess you COULD kinda do something with two expansion slots tethered together with a metal brace under the laptop so they couldn’t be removed, but that’s just getting into silly territory)

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A lot of companys and schools leave laptops untended and require laptops that can be locked down. They may not actually be much of a security device for someone who is targeting you specifically, but it’s good for stopping somebody from just walking off with stuff. Furthermore, many companys and schools may be looking to purchase many of the same laptops so that they can be easily repaired and serviced, but require them to be able to be locked down. So even though I don’t have a need for it personally I think that adding a kengsiton lock to this device would make it a more attractive purchase to some looking to purchase in bulk.

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A KSS lock will not deter a determined, skilled thief for more than maybe a minute, if that. What it will (probably) do is deter casual walk-away theft (someone just walking by and picking up the laptop as if it belongs to them) and make it more likely that someone bypassing the lock will be noticed doing so, assuming there are other people around watching.

Sure, someone cutting the cable with bolt cutters may be able to walk off with the laptop faster than the owner can unlock it using the combination, but if there are people around watching, doing so is likely to draw attention.

The Griffin TechSafe used a curved metal plate that goes through the gap between the screen hinges. Not sure if they’re still available, though. (I used to have one.)

Edit: Multplx sells one that attaches to a 3.5mm audio jack. Haven’t seen one in action or owned one, so can’t vouch for how good it is.


This may be a feasible alternative for you.

The level of security looks more substantial.

Amazon offers the same one with a fob that looks nice too.

Kensington MacBook and Surface Laptop Locking Station with K-Fob Smart Lock (K66635WW)