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Dear community,

Can please someone explain the underlying reasons for the policy of blocking access to the Framework products for people from non-supported countries?

Of course, I am not criticizing, I fully acknowledge that it is the right of the producers to do whatever they want. I would want only to understand the reasons.

When I mentioned that I could ask a good friend to order the Framework in Germany (i.e., technically a person would buy a laptop and present it to me, would he violate anything?), the topic was even blocked like I was discussing a crime:

Thank you in advance.

PS I will Not order Framework neither from Germany nor from anywhere else, no worries about it.

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We don’t intend for that messaging to be unfriendly. It’s just that - the discussions about when Framework will be shipping to a country can’t lead anywhere. If Framework doesn’t, they don’t, and no one on this forum can change that. The only way to change that is to express interest using the country selector as mentioned.

The messaging is the truth. Of course Framework wants to ship to every country. But the reality is, it’s actually very expensive in terms of time and money to arrange this. They have to invest their time/money wisely so to gauge interest they use the country selector.

Framework’s in negotiations with many countries but they cannot divulge how negotiations are going and how much each country asks in terms of permits and fees. So they don’t announce until it’s certain.

In regards to having the laptop delivered to a friend or relative in a supported country, obviously Framework has no way of detecting this so it’s permitted, but for all intents and purposes that person is the owner of the laptop. It must be paid for by them and all warranty and support will be through them. If working that out is the intention of that thread, we’ll reopen it with our apologies.

Thank you for the reply.

If working that out is the intention of that thread.

I cannot think what else could be the intention but no need to reopen or anything. I am so blown away by the situation that I truly do not want this laptop anymore.

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This policy is not unique to Framework. All companies have to follow regulations when selling products in different countries for various reasons (tax, safety, etc). There’s also the issues of currency and logistics. An analogy would be Xiaomi, a massive company which doesn’t sell phones in the U.S. You certainly can’t expect them to sell and ship it to you if you were buying it from the U.S. It would be illegal as they don’t have the proper authorizations.


We do not allow the discussion of Freight Forwarding on any official Framework community platform. Messages on that topic in this thread have been removed. Since @Fraoch answered the original question already, I’ll be closing this thread momentarily.

If you are looking to discuss shipping to a friend or family member in a supported country, please do so in the linked thread which has been reopened. That thread will be closed as well if it begins to talk about using freight forwarding or package holding services.

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